The county budget must be balanced each year and should be as effective and efficient as possible.   We must identify and cut unnecessary, wasteful spending now so that widespread painful cuts to county services will not be required when times are tough and revenues are down.


We must also be responsible with our taxation.  The county government should reach into your pocket as little as possible. Increased county revenues should come from increased economic activity in Wise County, not from increased property taxes placed on the residents.


It's no secret that water is an issue in many areas across America, and Wise County is no exception.  As our county continues to experience continued growth, our need for water will only increase.


It is absolutely crucial that Wise County leaders develop, implement, and maintain an innovative, viable water plan that will meet the long-term demands of our growing population, our increased industry, and our continued agricultural traditions.



As the CEO of the county, the county judge should actively seek out new economic opportunities for Wise County and work to promote the businesses that we already have.  The county judge- in collaboration with business owners, community leaders, and economic development directors- should develop an economic development plan that will showcase Wise County as an attractive environment in which to grow a business.



Our county facilities need to be organized into a system that is more customer-friendly, more secure, and more efficient with our county tax dollars and human resources.  Our county employees already have great ideas about how to make our facilities and offices more effective, and I will listen to them.


We must also actively work toward the historic preservation of our courthouse so that we can ensure the integrity and viability of this Texas landmark.



I believe that the public should be actively involved in our local government and its decisions.


A streamlined, common sense budget should be made available to the public, written and presented in a straightforward way that anyone- not just accountants and auditors- can understand.  To achieve this, I will create a user-friendly version of the budget that gives residents and taxpayers a clear look at where our county tax dollars are going.


I also understand that most folks can't attend the Monday morning commissioners court meetings in which most county decisions are made.  Because of this, I will hold regular "town hall" style evening meetings across the county.  Basically, I'll make myself available in a public place (rotated between communities in the county) where we can sit down over a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea to discuss county issues.  This will be a chance for the residents of Wise County to share their ideas and concerns about our county in a convenient and casual setting.